RABBIT – Born in BAVARIA 1993

RABBIT Cycles is based in the picturesque region of Upper Bavaria. Located in the south of Munich near the beautiful Lake Starnberg and close to the Fantastic views into the Alps inspire us to visions of a new kind of mobility: extraordinary bicycles based on muscle drive or e-Muscle driven bicycles.

We work together with highly innovative companies of the world of cycling in USA, Taiwan and China.

RABBIT Cycles – sustainable green technology and cooperation with famous brands from all over the world is what we stand for.

Based in Wielenbach, Bavaria. RABBIT Cycles is a German company that designs, develops and manufactures bicycle parts and bicycles for lifestyle performance equipment. Most of RABBIT’s technological designs, solutions, etc. are focused to be developed with extensive athlete input and testing in the field. RABBIT offers products the same way its designers approach life: by challenging rules, that’s the kind of environment that delivers the unexpected and to really to last 4ever.
Our idea is that our design gets better with age. There is combination of polishing, ball-burnishing and sand blasting. Our favored way is a combination and best with the world finest brushing ea. by hand that is what you can rely on at its best durable solution. Titanium surface with brushed finish can be extremely durable perfectly aligned, and can be built around the fork of your choosing either rigid or full suspension with components of your dream.

RABBIT Cycles Titanium – Join the classic and high innovative products. Extremely durable, perfectly aligned and ready to be built upon your ideas and dream components.

RABBIT Cycles – sustainable green technology and cooperation with famous brands from all over the world is what we stand for.

The Story
Klaus Haas has been studding economy in the early 90s founding RABBIT Cycles in 1993 in Bavaria. His sport career began at the age of 6 with Jujutsu, track & field high jump, junior road + cycle cross races and following the upcoming triathlon sport in Germany as the first Ironmans from Germany came back from Hawaii. Winning some local races, finishing Hawaii Ironman with an injured leg, he started to concentrate on setting up the distribution network for the best products for following athlete’s needs. The rest, as they say, is history. After consulting and setting up the distribution for nokon, Ventana Mountain Bikes USA, Paul Component Engineering, RABBIT.de folding bikes, Moots Titanium and others for many years it’s now a great field of experience to follow up the needs of modern frame building to support the RABBIT product line.