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At RABBIT our team of designers and craftspeople most participating races, ridding their bike for decades are inventing the best solutions by using the best technical industry equipped factory facilities available.  Titanium is a wonderful material for building comfortable bikes that are lightweight and resilient. How we build – It’s different from the workmanship known “the old way”.


After some hours into a ride how do you feel? With our Endurance designs we ask that question frequently. Does your body hurt in all known sections some here some there? Our Bikes are built for ENDURANCE – Designed to fit real people for real rides for real life fun. Using tube designs & highly developed Technical Equipped industrial production abilities. Feel the balance of lightweight comfort and durability.


More and More – The Mobility in Cities changes. A world of modern citizens – We move back into urban areas the need for well thought out vehicle is a must. Urban + Commute cycling with RABBIT Bikes can show many forms. One is your short way, some minutes pedal to work along city surface streets or dedicated bike lanes with a modern day version of the briefcase slung over your shoulder. The other version can be hitting the streets on a weekend before the city wakes up. Either way we have the one bike that can take you there in one smart package. Choose one out of: The Commuter Men + Women, or the version updated by E-Power support. The Commuter is purpose built for those that are committed to commuting or exploring the cityscape by bike.


Since 1993 we have produced a wide range of bicycles of which you can make your choice.

Which design fits perfectly to cover your needs?  RABBIT Titan frames today are the real Endurance Champion in the titan bicycle industry. Our titanium bikes offer great relaxed rides based on a long term commitment between you & your bike. Are you just out for some hours riding, a day or weeks, our designs will offer you comfortable long hours of fantastic rides in the saddle with fabulous performance and lifetime durability of the magic material we build our frames from offering you the best solution. We keep promises.



Speed matters – TRIATHLON, CROSS, ROAD, or MTB Races or just GRAVEL or City Commuting – Uphill through twisty single-track and down fast steep descents. Performance in design is measured by all of these models we produce for you. It’s our experience building and riding and racing high performing bikes since the early 80s which has lead us to produce  today’s bikes great climbers’ precise handling comfortable and durable speed and fun bicycles handmade from finest titan sources.


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