Cross Disc Bike

Our fastest Titanium Cross Disc Bike ever...

RABBIT Cross Disc – Die epische Erfahrung im Bereich CycloCross

RABBIT Cross Disc – This is the ultimate Cross machine with classic Cross geometry and 142×12 PM Disc brakes. Our classic handmade titanium frame is perfect for everyday rides and races as well. That’s a great distinctive machine with no sloping gimmicks. Our love letters to cycle cross.

Color Set

  • Solid White
  • Black
  • Lightblue
  • Classic Red
  • Orange Carrot
  • Grass Green
  • Yellow
  • Cool Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • ? ? ? Missing Color? We deliver your favourite color!

Attention: Color may look different on diversity of devices. Please ask for our „REAL“ ColorBook


Framesize matters!

Tall, small or ..? We got the right frame for you..

Titan Framesizes available

  • S
  • M
  • L

Components & Parts we use for Your Cycle!

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