FAT Cruiser

Commute your way...

RABBIT FAT Cruiser – Die Maschine für hartes Gelände!

RABBIT FAT Cruiser – The latest FAT RABBIT Cruiser, developed by knowing traditional cruiser designs but to build the ultimate designed titanium 26er FAT Cruiser. Inspired by the needs to include the latest standards, internal routing, Di2, 142×12 PM Disc. With various options (see Specs).

Color Set

  • Solid White
  • Black
  • Lightblue
  • Classic Red
  • Orange Carrot
  • Grass Green
  • Yellow
  • Cool Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • ? ? ? Missing Color? We deliver your favourite color!

Attention: Color may look different on diversity of devices. Please ask for our „REAL“ ColorBook


Framesize matters!

Tall, small or ..? We got the right frame for you..

Titan Framesizes available

  • S
  • M
  • L

Components & Parts we use for Your Cycle!

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